Juan Tabo Hills Open Space

Although this Open Space is small in comparison to others around the city it does offer protected land and trails for dog walking, mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. The Open Space abuts other undeveloped land between the Manzano Mountains and Kirtland AFB thus providing extensive recreational access to the Tijeras Arroyo corridor including the mountain bike trail system known as "The Maze."

Currently there is no designated parking available although an easy open space access point off Tomlinson and Piru Streets does have some on-street parking available. To get to Tomlinson, go east on Singing Arrow off Juan Tabo then turn right on Parkside then another right on Tomlinson. Alternatively head south off Central Avenue on Dorado Place then right on Tomlinson. The parking area is at the intersection of Tomlinson and Piru (dead end street).

The Juan Tabo Hills Open Space is ajacent to the following Albuquerque neighborhoods: Singing Arrow, Four Hills, Mirabella, Volterra (Juan Tabo Hills), Willow Wood and Four Hills Mobile Home Community.

City Open Space in Tijeras Arroyo

Keep an eye out for Roadrunner and his favorite food, the lizard. Also be watchful for the wily Coyote, although they are very shy.

Wildflowers are blooming. (All photos taken in the Open Space within last two months).